David Takahashi for Boulder City Council: Building Bridges to a Livable Future

"I'm always very glad when candidates like David focus on the biggest of the crises we face: the rapid heating of the planet, and the ways local communities must both help forestall it, and respond to that which we can no longer prevent."
Bill McKibben
Founder, 350.org
“In a time of change, Boulder needs leaders with vision, and the ability to see it implemented. David is always working at the edges, innovating. He walks his talk. He gets it done.”
Hunter Lovins
Founder, Natural Capitalism Solutions
"David walks the walk when it comes to climate justice and community engagement. As a volunteer leader with Together Colorado he has been relentless in holding forth the vision of a livable future and our role in making it happen. He steps up to do the work and he invites others in. His commitment to racial equity and inclusion is solid as a rock. You won’t find a better representative for Boulder City Council. "
Patty Lawless
Lead Statewide Organizer, Together Colorado

Why I Am Running

David with his granddaughter, Eliana.

I am running for Boulder City Council as an enthusiastic champion of climate! My concern is that Boulder is not reacting as needed to the rapid and radical changes we are now experiencing firsthand. Furthermore, I am concerned about the lack of transparency in our local government and its partnership with residents.

I have spent the last few years sharing this knowledge with the greater community. However, I believe we are just experiencing the beginning of what we will see in the near future.

In my own home, I have worked to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 87% in under four years concerning energy use, waste, and transportation and have decreased water use significantly.

As your Councilmember, I pledge to provide open and strategic leadership, always listen and respond to residents, and work tirelessly to assure all residents are part of the city decision-making process. The time to act is now. We need elected representatives who are committed to looking at realistic and doable solutions.

Talking about change isn’t enough.

"David Takahashi's first concern about climate change is the lives of our children and their children. The love that parents feel for their children is the best hope for what needs to be done on climate action and other issues as well. I gladly endorse David Takahashi for Boulder City Council."
Len Barron
Founder, 350.org

If elected, I will:


  • Laying the groundwork for a Carbon Neutral City by the year 2050


  • Us toward an economy that works for everyone


  • The emerging Network Economy by offering Community Broadband


  • Walkable, affordable housing that enables teachers, nurses, first responders, and the working middle to live and thrive in Boulder


  • Your voices are heard and are part of the solution


  • The availability of affordable alternative transportation modalities

Sierra Club, Indian Peaks Group

I hope to hear from you about what is important to you. I look forward to working with you.

It’s our future; what we do today will affect us tomorrow.

"I’m honored to endorse David. He’s a proud “one-issue candidate”—climate crisis—but is adamant that that one issue intersects will all others of import: transport, affordability, etc."
Waylon Lewis
Elephant Journal

Waylon Lewis, Elephant Journal

David Takahashi is a climate activist with experience and knowledge about retrofitting existing buildings to net zero status. He has a deep personal commitment to reducing carbon emissions and combatting climate change. David’s building retrofit experience would be a valuable tool in adapting Boulder to reduce carbon emissions and to add climate resilience and social equity. David has creative and innovative concepts that would be a valuable addition to Boulder City Council discourse.
Sierra Club
Indian Peaks Group
“In working with his own deep energy retrofit, David has shown he can identify good bones and repurpose them to modern needs.  He has shown the good sense to apply the lessons of lowering energy demand and producing and storing solar power on his own property in Boulder, CO. These are techniques that are applicable nationwide, but especially locally in Boulder.”
Jeff Speck
City Planner and Author, Walkable City
David Takahashi is the ideal person to continue to advance the City’s sustainability commitments, including becoming net zero by 2050. He walks the talk. He has converted his house in Boulder to be net zero. I have known Takahashi for 10 years, and attest to his sincerity, organizational ability, leadership qualities and his ability to inspire. He is a creative thinker who I would trust to work for the advancement of Boulder.
Arthur Howe