David's Endorsements

Sierra Club endorses David Takahashi for Boulder City Council.

350.org Founder Bill Mckibben endorses David Takahashi.

“I’m always very glad when candidates like David focus on the biggest of the crises we face: the rapid heating of the planet, and the ways local communities must both help forestall it, and respond to that which we can no longer prevent.”
Bill McKibben, Environmentalist, Author, Journalist and Founder, 350.org

“It is one thing to talk about fighting climate change. And much more impressive to take the time, challenges, and costs to actually take a 1950s Martin Acres house and make it net positive (HERS -50). Vote for candidates that have taken action on climate change! Vote for David T.”
— Ken Regelson, Concept, charts, and “the talent”. Director of EnergyShouldBe.org

“Boulder’s energy future and climate health are joined at the hip.  The 2020 muni vote went 53% to 47%.  You can count on David to provide a voice for the 25,821 voters who voted a no-confidence on our energy partner Xcel.  David’s voice at the table provides an antidote to the pitfalls of groupthink.  David does not just talk the talk, he in fact, walks the talk, at the personal, neighborhood, community, state, national and global levels: net-zeroed his older home, engaged his neighborhood 5th-grade class on climate matters, introduced Accelerated Neighborhood Action, organizes with state faith leaders, and collaborates with national energy advocates. David’s voice will give leadership on climate change action to Boulder’s local government. Please support David with your ballot.”
— Cindy Cunningham – Former City Council member

Sierra Club, Indian Peaks Group
Waylon Lewis, Elephant Journal

Andrea Ahrens
Judy Amabile Colorado State Representative, District 13
Tom Asprey
Len Barron
Allison Burchell
Mike Chiropolos
Paul Culnan
Cindy Cunningham
Laurie Dameron
Crystal Gray, Former Boulder City Council, Deputy Mayor
Howard Geller
Dan Greenberg
Jane Greenfield
Arthur Howe
Judith King
Patty Lawless
Hunter Lovins
Peter Mayer
Bill McKibben
Lisa Morzel, Former Boulder City Council
Marti Oetzel
Susan Osborne, Former Boulder City Council
Kathy Partridge
Françoise Poinsatte
Ken Regelson
Scott Rodwin
Beenie Schimbke
Brad Segal
Edward Smutney
Jeff Speck
Eileen Starnes
Daphne Takahashi
Tom Volckhausen
Steve Whitaker
Jim Wickett

Endorse David

"I support David Takahashi for Boulder City Council. I believe he is truly concerned on important issues like affordable housing, too much growth and traffic, but mostly he is passionate on environmental issues and climate change. If we don't get a handle on climate change none of the other issues are going to matter. As a resident of Boulder since 1974, I think it's important to note that he's been a resident of Boulder for 30 years and really cares about our beautiful city."
Laurie Dameron
Chair, Business and Professional Women (BPW) Colorado Environment and Sustainable Development Committee

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